Here you can read more about our and the authorities’ guidelines for stays at the fitness studios and group training. The page is constantly updated.

It is important that we together create a safe environment for the training.

General rules and guidelines:

There is a requirement from the authorities to show valid corona passport and ID at the entrance to the gym. This can be found on or in the app MinSundhed

  • Keep your distance – and show respect

  • Wash and disinfect your hands often

  • Spray equipment with disinfection after use

  • Limit physical contact

  • Stay home if you have symptoms

  • If possible, plan your training outside of peak hours

  • Please come dressed and take a bath at home, if possible

Group training:

  • There is room for a maximum of 24 participants per. class

  • Remember to book class

  • Do not wear a mask during classes

  • All equipment is sprayed with disinfection by staff after the end of the class

  • Follow the group trainer’s instructions

  • Bring your own gloves for boxing lessons and Thai boxing lessons. Gloves can also be purchased at the reception or website

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