1 hour and 15 minutes Kickstart to personal training 

Please fill out the form, and a personal trainer will get back to you within two weekdays to find the perfect match for you.


    1 hour and 15 minutes Kickstart to personal training 

    Please fill out the form, and a personal trainer will get back to you within two weekdays to find the perfect match for you.


      Kickstarter is not just your ordinary consultation with a personal trainer. It is a real 1-on-1 personal training, where you will get a complete analysis of any injury and learn about how you should train correctly. It is a great way to get one step closer your decision about getting a personal trainer.


      Kickstarter is an 1 hour a 15 minutes introduction to personal training. Kickstarter goes a lot further than your ordinary consultation.

      • Measurement of your bodyfat – and muscle percentage on the best model on the market, so you get a clear picture of your current physique.

      • Analysis of the above results

      • Clarification of your goals, needs and wishes

      • Introduction to the best training techniques

      • Digital cook book with healthy recipes

      • Analysis of any injuries

      • Detailed review of a personal trainer program

      • Unique personal trainer offer after the “session”


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      Kickstarter is an 1 hour a 15 minutes introduction to personal training. Kickstarter goes a lot further than your ordinary consultation.

      • Measurement of your bodyfat – and muscle percentage on the best model on the market, so you get a clear picture of your current physique.

      • Analysis of the above results

      • Clarification of your goals, needs and wishes

      • Introduction to the best training techniques

      • Digital cook book with healthy recipes

      • Analysis of any injuries

      • Detailed review of a personal trainer program

      • Unique personal trainer offer after the “session”


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      You can choose between 4 different locations in Copenhagen.

      Choose your location


      You can choose between 4 different locations in Copenhagen.

      Choose your location


      Below you can get a brief overview of some of the trainers that offer our Kickstarter. But if you fill out the form, we will find one that fits your needs.

      Combat sports

      Jon Østergård personlig boksetrænerLocations: Gothersgade and Søerne

      Jon is a boxing, kickboxing and mma trainer. He trains anybody from professional athletes to beginners. The only requirement Jon has for you is that you are already in good shape.

      Jon runs both bootcamps and 1 to 1 training.

      Nanna Schlotfeldt Personlig trænerLocation: Gothersgade and Kløvermarken

      Nanna is an elite boxer, certified dietician and personal trainer.

      She is an expert in helping women who want a lifestyle change and seek balance in life.

      Steven personlig boksetrænerLocation: Søerne and Kløvermarken

      Steven is an experienced teacher and former fighter

      He has taught all types of muay thai practitioners from the amateur to the professional fighter.

      On a daily basis, he works as an independent personal muay thai coach, personal trainer and thaiboxing team coach at Sporting Health Club. He is extremely thorough in his approach to the sport and makes sure you get a fun workout

      Mikkel Parlo personlig trænerLocation: Søerne

      Mikkel is a professional MMA fighter and striking coach for a large number of Denmark’s best mma fighters, boxers and kickboxers.

      He is a specialist in the technical part of boxing and is good at giving feedback and clues on how to get better. Mikkel is good at creating peace around him with his pleasant personality.

      In addition to being a good coach in a large number of combat sports, Mikkel is also a certified personal trainer.

      Torben HassLocation: Søerne

      Torben is an old acquaintance in the boxing profession. He is notorious for giving his clients full throttle. If you are ready for some training with pace, then you must train with Torben.

      No PictureLocation: Søerne

      Alfred is a professional pad and mitt holder for a wide range of boxing, muay thai and kickboxing fighters.

      He has been teaching muay thai and boxing for a number of years.

      Julian BengstsenLocation: Kløvermarken

      Julian Sebolai Bengtsen is a former world champion, Danish champion and double Nordic champion in muay thai.

      He has been teaching for more than 10 years.

      Julian can help you get in crazy shape.

      Richie AddoLocation: Søerne

      Richie is a professional muay thai fighter and personal trainer at Sporting Health Club.

      He has more than 15 years of experience with Muay Thai and is known as “Mr. Positive” due to his happy, positive and infectious mood.

      Personlig træning Carlos ZamoraLocation: Søerne

      Carlos Zamora is a skilled and versatile coach. He has experience with tennis, boxing, muay thai, mma, show wrestling and is also a certified personal trainer.

      Therefore, Carlos can knit a workout together for you that never gets boring, where you can focus on exactly what you think is fun.

      In addition, Carlos is a certified personal trainer and knows exactly what your body can do.

      Kalle fitnessLocation: Gothersgade

      Kasper is a boxing coach, strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer.

      He has been practicing many different martial arts and focuses on keeping the body healthy.

      Josephine Jein

      Locations: Gothersgade and Søerne

      Josephine is a personal boxing coach and team coach at Sporting Health Club. She has many years of experience in personal training and boxing training.

      Josephine will always greet you with a smile.

      Josephine trains beginners, experienced, men and women. She has single sessions and bootcamps.


      Frederik Hecht Location: Søerne

      Frederik is specialized in and has experience with the examination, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and pain in the body.

      He treats his clients based on an evidence-based practice, so you can be sure of getting optimal treatment that is supported by science.

      No PictureLocation: Gothersgade

      Claus is a trained physiotherapist and personal trainer. He has previously played basketball at an elite level and later worked as a physical trainer for the Danish national basketball team.

      The goal of his training is to strike a balance between strength, agility and stability.

      It is important for Claus that his training is inspiring, motivating and varied for his clients, without compromising on quality.

      Peter Palvig fysioterapeutLocation: Gothersgade

      Peter Palvig is a physiotherapist, personal trainer and teacher at the personal trainer education.

      He has more than 13 years of practical and theoretical experience.

      Ibrahim Mansaray personlig træningLocation: Scandinavia

      Ibrahim is a physiotherapist and sports performance trainer.

      He works on a daily basis with a large number of Danish football talents, but also works with the more “ordinary” clients.

      If you want a highly professional coach or therapist, then Ibrahim is a coach you will be happy with.

      Weight Loss

      Sanne MesserLocation: Gothersgade

      Sanne is an ambitious personal trainer with over 20 years of experience in the Sport and Fitness field. Sanne is specialized in body toning and weightloss. Her number 1 training form is HIIT.

      Furthermore Sanne is a running enthusiast, and she is a nice training partner if you like running.

      Sanne is a former hiphop and jazz dancer, she is real energetic and lively.

      Dina ChristensenLocation: Gothersgade

      Dina is a trained clinical dietitian and personal trainer. As a dietitian, she is interested in the underlying factors that influence behavior. Her focus is therefore more on why you eat than on what you eat. In her guidance, she pays special attention to creating a relaxed relationship with food and body, where peace is made with the ideals you feel you have to live up to. Dina therefore does not work with forbidden foods, but more with a flexible approach to diet.

      Dina is passionate about helping people who are struggling with a disturbed relationship with food and body.

      personlig træner HelenaLocation: Gothersgade

      Helene is an expert in weight loss, not only the physical and physiological that lies behind, but especially the mental part.

      That is, if you are having a hard time taking the plunge, then Helene is the right choice.

      Anne Stouge PTLocation: Gothersgade

      Anne is a personal trainer, dietician and professional dancer.

      She can help you if you are looking for a weight loss. She does this through the right dietary guidance and a lot of movement. You will together find what suits you best.

      AC KickstarterLocations: Gothersgade, Scandinavia and Søerne

      Ann-Christine is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and dietician.

      For Ann-Christine, it means a lot to be able to help her clients to a strong, painless and mobile body as well as help them to a healthier life.

      Ann-Christine has helped a large number of clients achieve a healthy and sustained weight loss. She has also helped them find the joy and desire to train.

      With Ann-Christine, you will join a program that suits you and your goals, needs and desires.

      Ann-Christine is an empathetic, positive and energetic coach, who will focus on you, so you can get the best possible support to achieve your goals.

      No PictureLocation: Søerne

      Kira is a personal trainer and dietician.

      She herself has struggled with undereating and overtraining, but has now found the balance.

      Kira helps you to a lifestyle change, where balance in everyday life is the most important thing.

      Rain Personlig trænerLocation: Scandinavia

      Rain is a personal trainer and dietitian.

      She gives you the right tools to be able to have a lasting weight loss. She helps you to easily manage your calorie balance, where there is room for your favorite foods.

      Jeanette Reinhardt kok personlig træningLocation: Kløvermarken

      Jeanette is a trained chef, personal trainer and dietician.

      She creates quality of life for the bon vivant. On a daily basis, she helps men and women achieve a healthier lifestyle through good food and exercise.

      Jeanette helps you to a body you feel comfortable in without compromising on good food.

      KickstarterLocation: Søerne and Gothersgade

      Asbjørn is a specialist in weight loss. That is what he focuses on being the BEST at.

      His main focus is how to lose weight despite living a busy life and wanting to be social.

      Asbjørn has put together a method that has had a 100% success rate since the beginning of 2020, when he finally got it refined. Ie. over 20 clients have reached their weight loss goals, in addition to the 200 clients he helped in the years up to.

      Personlig træner Mille HartmannLocation: Søerne

      Mille’s approach to diet is very ‘anti-fanatical’. That is, there is still room for sweets and cake at work – even if you are in a weight loss process.

      She does not use diet plans, as they are just as unsustainable as a diet that can only be endured for x number of weeks / months before you get tired of it, and go straight back to the old habits. Instead, she makes small adjustments that are durable for you in the long run.

      Sara Jin Smidt

      Locations: Kløvermarken and Gothersgade

      Sara Jin Smidt has a background as a cand.scient in human nutrition and has over 10 years of experience and thousands of hours of personal training, dietary guidance and team training.

      In addition to her work as a personal trainer, Sara is also the editor-in-chief of Fit Living and is behind the popular blog

      Berit RussellLocations: Kløvermarken and Søerne

      Berit is a trained personal trainer, cognitive coach and dietician.

      She has more than 20 years of coaching experience.

      Specialist in functional training and weight loss. She does a lot to custom the workouts specifically to you so you reach your goal.

      Berit is a trained running trainer, and she has completed 6 marathons and 12 half marathons herself. Berit is therefore a good sparring partner, and knows what it takes to maintain motivation.

      Berit is result-oriented and thorough and does everything to make your training varied, hard and fun.

      Strength/functional training

      Sara GrosenLocation: Gothersgade, Søerne and Scandinavia

      Sara is a personal trainer at Sporting Health Club.

      She is really into making her training fit the individuals specific needs and goals.  A so called one size does not fit all.

      Sara helps her clients to develop good habits and to keep the motivation, when everything seems to be too hard.

      Sara is goal-oriented and she is always aiming for making the training fun and variated for her clients.

      Kristian Thaulow

      Location: Søerne

      Kristian is 36 years old and helps busy, ambitious men to become the strongest and best version of themselves. He does this through functional exercises, CrossFit and his coaching methods, which Google, TrustPilot and Flying Tiger have used.

      Kristian’s approach is “no-bullshit” with an intense focus on creating results for his clients in the most important areas of their lives.

      AidaLocation: Scandinaiva

      Aida is a former basketball player and biknifitness athlete.

      She can help you get some nice fit legs, flat stomach, round butt and toned arms.

      Every month, Aida runs her popular 4-week booty camps for women who want to focus on the glutes and abdomen.

      Arthur Berner-HansenLocation: Scandinavia and Søerne

      Artur is specialized in functional and sports specific training. He is a open and calm person, who is easy to talk to. The most important thing for Arthur in a trainer to client relation, is the communication and chemistry.  And it is essential for getting you the results you want.

      Mikki HansenLocation: Scandinavia

      Mikki is, What you will call a real neard both professionally and privately. That is, he is detail oriented and does his job to perfection.

      Mikki is specialized in muscle and strength gains. He is calm and a big fan of superhero comics.

      LDaniel Stephan Nielsenocation: Kløvermarken and Scandinavia

      Daniel is as hypertrophy, powerlifting and circle training coach. He normally works with experienced clients, but can also do novice clients as well.

      Stephan is great at analyzing clients and use this data to create training programs.

      HIITLocation: Gothersgade

      Gassim is a trained personal trainer and has a bachelor’s degree in Psychomotorics, and he is a real strength and mobility nerd.

      Gassim has been involved in the training world for more than 10 years and does a lot to help his clients understand their body better so they get fast results.

      Although Gassim is very educational, he is good at pushing his clients to the max and is not afraid of a joke every now and then.

      KickstarterLocation: Gothersgade

      Jesper Friis is a trained personal trainer and has worked in the field for more than 20 years. He therefore has tried it all in fitness, and knows how to get the most out of you.

      Jesper is an empathetic person who understands your needs and goals.

      Additionally he is known for his simple dietary advice.

      sy leeLocation: Scandinavia

      Sy Lee is a personal trainer and muscle building expert and has been in the business for more than 15 years.

      If you want to get bulging biceps, a round butt and a nice six pack, then Sy Lee is the perfect match for you.

      Sy Lee helps you with a long-term strategy with visible results.

      Pegah personlig træningLocation: Scandinaiva and Kløvermarken

      Do you want to be really strong, get toned arms and a nice round butt?

      Pegah can help you with all three. She is eminent for building a program that can take you from semi-weak to booming in no time.

      SørenLocation: Scandinavia

      Søren is focusing on you and tailors his program and coaching to your wishes, so that you together can ensure that you reach your goals.

      Søren has no easy solutions or loopholes, it’s about changing your lifestyle.

      With Søren, you get professional advice and support at your fingertips when you need it – he supports you in your course and helps you through the difficult periods.

      Michael Personlig træningLocation: Søerne

      Michael is an amazing performance coach and former athletics talent.

      If you want to learn to run or react faster in your sport, then it is Michael you need to get hold of.

      Finn Erik Peronslig trænerLocation: Scandinavia

      Finn Erik is a cand.scient in sports and health, personal trainer and pain specialist.

      To help you the best he can, he works with a holistic, scientifically based and habit-based approach.

      Jimmi Nielsen PTLocation: Kløvermarken and Scandinavia

      Jimmi is a personal trainer and hardcore powerlifter. If you want to get stronger at the three big lifts; squat, bench press and deadlift, then Jimmi can help you.

      Most people who get really strong in these three also get a more muscular body.

      IdanLocation: Søerne

      Idan has a Bachelor in Nutrition and Health with a focus on sports nutrition. His focus over the past few years has been on optimizing the strength and endurance of his clients. He is always looking for you to performe the exercises properly so that you avoid stupid injuries.

      Idan himself currently does a lot of crossfit, and he has run several marathons.

      In addition, he performs various challenges where he raises money for good purposes.

      Olympiske løftLocation: Søerne

      Thor is a personal trainer, Crossfit athlete and former Calvin Klein model.

      He has been a personal trainer at some of the best gyms around the world. Tokyo and New York among others.

      Thor has a very technical approach to personal training, where he is constantly trying to optimize so you get the best results.

      As a person, Thor is very down to earth, despite his many skills.

      Location: Søerne

      Vyga trusts that no specific form of training is better than the other and can be generalized. As a personal trainer, She does not consider herself as knowing whole. The opposite, She believes that you know what works best for you. With her knowledge, constant research and close communication with you, she seeks to facilitate a zone of proximal development, where you find your best form of fitness. She believes that with this wholistic approach, you together as a team can develop a personal plan for your best overall health and achieved goals.

      Mike Flowers personlig trænerLocation: Søerne

      Mike Flowers is a former elite basketball player and personal trainer.

      He adapts his training to the individual, so you achieve optimal results and get a fun workout.

      James YoungLocation: Scandinavia

      James is a professional basketball coach, personal trainer and HIIT instructor at SHC.

      He is nice and extremely professional.

      Morten MoxLocation: Scandinavia

      Morten guides and motivates you all the way to your goals. During the process, he gives you the tools to become self-driving and maintain the results that you have created together.

      He has been a personal trainer for more than 10+ years.

      Personlig træning Martin AlbrechtsenLocation: Scandinavia

      Martin knows all about what it takes to achieve results. He has more than 20 years of experience as a professional football player in clubs such as West Bromwich Albion, FCK, FCM and Brøndby.

      Now he uses all that experience in his work as a personal trainer and motivates you to reach the top. However, you must be willing to give yourself 100 percent.

      Martin can help you achieve weight loss, gain more muscle mass or get a healthier body.

      Martin tailors a plan to suit you and your needs.

      PT'er CarinaLocation: Søerne

      Carina is an expert in nutrition and physical activity. Based on this background, she creates the framework for a realistic plan with you at the center.

      She has no expectations that you completely reorganize your everyday life. On the contrary, she designs the training so that it goes hand in hand with your ambitions and resources.

      Alexander FilipovicLocation: Gothersgade

      Alexander is a personal trainer, dietician and has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and health.

      He uses this experience to help his clients with their goals. It can be weight loss, muscle building or just general health.

      Thomas RafnLocation: Kløvermarken

      If you choose Thomas as your coach, you will experience visible and noticeable results.

      Whether it is a flatter stomach, tighter thighs, or a desire to become stronger and have more energy in everyday life.

      Thomas is a coach who listens to you and supports you.

      Charlie BasLocation: Kløvermarken

      Charlie specializes in women and booty training.

      With Charlie as a trainer, you get an individually tailored course where you can focus on weight loss, strength, health and well-being, among other things. You will be presented with a fun approach to diet and exercise, and he will support and motivate you to reach your goal.

      Sabine personlig trænerLocation: Scandinavia

      Sabine’s approach to diet is first and foremost that it should suit you, your everyday life and your goals. Sabine works with sustainable diets where nothing is forbidden, but you work instead with the understanding of food and quantities.

      According to Sabine, the training must be with a target in mind, in order to get the maximum benefit. It is important that the training is challenging and fun, so that you through your training can push physical and mental boundaries.

      Rune personlig træningLocation: Kløvermarken

      With Rune Fangel as personal trainer, you can achieve the goals you set together with him.

      Whether you want a more active everyday life, a weight loss, more strength, pain relief or just a relaxed approach to food, diet and activity.

      Then Rune can help you.

      Kenneth Klok PTLocation: Kløvermarken

      Kenneth focuses on your specific needs. Together you train from the base of your current level to achieve results in the best and most effective way. You will be able to enjoy Kenneth’s full attention and extensive treatment.

      Kenneth takes into account your age and your physique so you can reach your goals safely and without injury.

      Sporting Health ClubLocation: Kløvermarken

      Mads is a sports performance coach and helps his clients get better at moving.

      If you’re looking for a trainer to help you get better physically for a sport, then Mads is the guy.

      Big Joe

      Location: Gothersgade

      As your trainer, Joe offers a wide range of fitness services and workouts. More than just getting in shape, he also helps you improve endurance, build strength, rehabilitate from an injury and sport-specific training.

      Joe believes in creating a program that is easy for you to follow.

      Welcome to Sporting Health Club

      The place for functional training and combat sports . Visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube