How much does a Sporting Health Club membership cost?

In Sporting Health Club we have three main memberships which give access to all studios Only Fitness for 429,-, Fitness + Class for 449,- and Only Classe for 429,-

There is an option for a One Club membership in Odense, which costs 100DKK less than the standard price.

A Study Member Fitness + Classes costs DKK 379 Student Member Fitness + Classes One Club Odense costs DKK 249


How do I pay for my membership?

When you create a membership with Sporting Health Club, as a general rule, you must also create a payment agreement. You do this by adding a payment card. When you set up, you will have to pay DKK 199 in set-up fee and the remaining month. After that, you will automatically be charged for your membership each month.

How do I access Sporting Health Club?

When you have registered as a member online or in your studio, you will recieve an email with a username and password for Justface. Follow the link in the email, log in and upload a picture of yourself.

There is a tablet at the entrance to the studio, where you have to scan in via facial recognition. The result is held up against the image you have already uploaded in the system, and you will then gain access.

Should you have problems uploading your image, then you can always ask for help at your studio.

Justface is easy, and you will never have to think about membership cards or fines again, because you have
lost it.

What is the binding period for a membership?

As a member of the Sporting Health Club, you always have a notice of termination of the current month + one month, regardless of your membership.

How do I register and unregister classes?

If you have a membership that gives you access to classes, you can register for a class via our Sporting Health Club app or via the website.

Should you be prevented from showing up for the class you are registered for, remember to deregister at least 1 hour before start via the app or website. If this is not done, a fine of DKK 25 will be given, which will be deducted from your account at the next subscription payment.

How do I pause my membership?

Do you need a break from your training studio due to vacation, work, study or something else?

Then you can put your membership on hold here.

You can put your membership on hold for 1 – 6 months in a year. If you wish to stop or extend your pause period, you simply need to inform us of this by email (however, a maximum of 6 months in total).

Please note that you cannot pause your membership if you have unpaid bills with Sporting Health Club.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must do so by email to your department or by filling in the form on this page.

Please note that we have a notice of termination of the current month + one month.

I have received a new credit card, how do I update it in the system?

If you’ve got a new credit card and your old one doesn’t work, you can update it via the Sporting Health Club app. Go to App > Press on ’Profil’ (right corner) > Press on ’Betalingsmetode’ > Press on ’Registrer betalingsmetode’. Register your new payment card.

I have an outstanding balance with Sporting Health Club, how do I pay?

If you have an outstanding balance with Sporting Health Club, and you have added a valid payment card to your profile, this will be paid automatically.

If you are no longer a member, your outstanding balance can be paid in one of our studios or via the payment link you received by email or SMS.

I have forgotten my password for the booking system, how do I get a new password?

If you have forgotten your password for the booking system, you can get a new one by pressing ‘Forgot password’ at the log-in screen and reset your password. You will now recieve an email where you can create a new password. (NOTE! You cannot reset your code via telephone, even if you are given this option).