Do you have a dream of becoming a self-employed personal trainer? Or are you looking for the conditions that will allow you to have your big breakthrough? We are looking for independent personal trainers and martial arts trainers who want to accelerate their careers


Do you have a dream of becoming a self-employed personal trainer? Or are you looking for the conditions that will allow you to have your big breakthrough? We are always looking for independent personal trainers and combar sports trainers who want to accelerate their careers.

Why start as a personal trainer at Sporting Health Club?

At Sporting Health Club, we offer the very best conditions for you to realize your ambitions and achieve success. We are convinced that here you will experience a financial gain that you will rarely find elsewhere.

This is due to several factors:

All earnings go directly to yourself: with us you don’t have to worry about high fees or taxes eating into your earnings. Everything you earn goes to you and your business.

Low license fee: We want to make it affordable for you to be part of Sporting Health Club. That is why we offer a low “right-of-use” rate of only DKK 1,499 per month, so you can focus on your business without having to worry about large expenses.

Help with getting leads: We’re here to support you on your journey to success. Our dedicated team helps you acquire potential customers (leads) so that you can expand your customer base and increase your earnings.

Popular Sales Course: You get access to our popular sales course, designed to make you a true master salesperson.

Take the first step towards success now!

Bliv personlig træner

We form the framework so that your business can grow.


Seven locations in Copenhagen

Modern functional training equipment and cardio machines

Large open training areas

Amazing fight gyms with all that entails

Skilled colleagues you can spare with regarding your business.

Large bootcamp areas

And much more


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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Sporting Health Clubs right of use has been carefully assessed to ensure that it is reasonable and affordable for an independent personal trainer. We are aware of the importance of creating a sustainable business and want to attract talented coaches like you. You will have access to all the facilities and resources for only DKK 1,499 per month.

If you are considering becoming part of our team as an independent personal trainer, it is important to us that you have the right education. You must therefore be certified as a personal trainer, physiotherapist,have a degree in health and sports or similar. We value certifications highly as it is part of our commitment to maintaining high standards of the training we offer.

Special conditions for martial arts and combat sports trainers

Knowing that not all martial arts are certified, we assess your expertise based on experience and recognition in the martial arts community. We give high priority to your background and experience.

Although we are one of the chains that has the most personal trainers per square meters, it is actually an advantage. This means that there is an active and diverse coaching environment where you can exchange experiences, learn from others and possibly collaborate on clients or projects. This can motivate you to improve and differentiate yourself by highlighting your expertise and unique training methods. Sporting Health Club has a wide clientele and there will be sufficient opportunities for you to attract and work with clients that suit your specialism.

Competition is a natural part of any industry, including the fitness industry. Sporting Health Club is aware of the need to create a fair and competitive environment for all coaches.

However, your success as a trainer also depends on your ability to differentiate yourself and attract your own clients through your expertise, marketing and customer service. Sporting Health Club is willing to cooperate with you to create a healthy competitive situation and possibly support you with marketing and client attraction.

Sporting Health Club has a diverse membership base, which means there is a good chance of attracting the type of clients you want to work with. There is a wide range of people with different training goals, needs and preferences. You can actively market your specialized training methods and attract clients who are interested in your expertise. Sporting Health Club is also open to collaborating on marketing activities and events that can attract specific target groups.

Overall, Sporting Health Club will provide you with a platform to reach out to your desired clientele and build a solid customer base.

As an independent personal trainer in Sporting Health Club, you have great flexibility and control over your work schedule and pricing. You can define your own working hours and adapt them to your clients’ needs and your personal commitments. Sporting Health Club recognizes the importance of your autonomy as a trainer and gives you the freedom to set your own rates that reflect your expertise and value.

Sporting Health Club is open for you to differentiate yourself and market your unique training methods. You can also utilize Sporting Health Club’s channels to increase your visibility and attract clients, including website and social media. In addition, you can develop your own marketing strategy by focusing on your expertise and specialization. You can use social media, personal networking and events in collaboration with Sporting Health Club to present your unique training methods and differentiate yourself from other trainers.

Sporting Health Club is committed to sparre with you about marketing and attracting new clients. In addition, we have dedicated large portions of our marketing budget to “acquiring” leads for the personal trainers affiliated with our gyms.

Yes, as an independent personal trainer in Sporting Health Club, you have good prerequisites for maintaining a sustainable business and generating sufficient income. We offer you access to a wide clientele and an established infrastructure that can help you build a customer base.

By paying a right of use at Sporting Health Club, you can minimize the costs of running your own fitness business while benefiting from our resources and facilities. With your expertise, marketing efforts and commitment to client care, you can attract and retain clients who will contribute to your earnings and ensure a stable business.

Our popular trainers turn over more than DKK 60,000 per month.

Sporting Health Club recognizes the importance of giving you as an independent trainer the necessary autonomy and freedom to carry out your work practice. Although there are some guidelines and standards that must be followed to ensure the quality and safety of the training environment, you still have the opportunity to customize your approach and deliver personal training on your own terms. You can discuss any concerns or need for adjustments with management to ensure that your requirements and work style are in line with the guidelines. Sporting Health Club would like to create an environment where you can thrive and develop as a trainer.

Yes, Sporting Health Club is dedicated to your growth and development as a personal trainer. We offer ongoing training and professional development opportunities, including workshops, seminars and courses that can expand your skills and expertise. Through collaboration with other trainers and the management, you can get feedback, exchange knowledge and learn from other people’s experiences.

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