Sporting Health Club has existed for more than 40 years and is Denmark’s oldest gym. SHC as it is called today, was once founded by Sven-Ole Thorsen, who is an icon within Danish bodybuilding. SHC was then the Danish mecca within bodybuilding. Since 2013, SHC has been run by the brothers Marc and David Palm as well as Martin Brogaard, who together have more than 60 years of industry experience. The form of training is functional training, and SHC is still located in the legendary premises on Gothersgade in København K, but has expanded to Søerne on Gyldenløvesgade in København V, the Radisson hotel at Islands Brygge and the large sports mecca at Kløvermarken.

“We were initially in doubt whether we should keep the name Sporting Health Club. But we quickly agreed that there was some history in the name, and then we especially liked the word CLUB, as we just wanted a gym with both a club atmosphere and a seriousness about the training “Quote Marc

“I have more than 25 years of fitness industry experience, and especially personal training has filled a lot throughout the years, both as a coach but also as a teacher for new as well as experienced coaches. Therefore, it is a bit of a dream to have your own place, where you choose to work together with the coaches who have a passion for training and especially functional training as one self “Quote Martin Brogaard”

“If you had asked me 5 years ago if training should be my livelihood, the answer would have been no. I was almost born into the industry in terms of my father who was both the owner of form & fitness and fitnessdk. Therefore, I was pretty sure I was going to do something completely different. But today, I can not imagine that it will not always be a part of my life. I get so much energy from training people, both in groups and 1: 1 – and of course training by myself ”Quote David Palm


The term “functional training” refers to joined, complex movements with large and natural range of motion, where coordination, strength and balance are trained in the same exercises. The best muscle building functional exercises are those that use your muscles in the way that the muscles are designed, namely pulling, pushing, rotating etc.


Functional strength training improves both health, performance and reduces the risk of injury, as the exercises include training and improvement of posture, coordination, balance, mobility, strength and endurance. For the same reason, functional training is equally important whether you are male or female, child, young, adult or old. The functional basic exercises are the same regardless of age and gender. The only difference is in the amount of training, which is based on frequency, intensity and duration, as well as the level of training, which is related to the degree of difficulty, load and speed of the exercises.

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