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Åboulevarden 58
2200 København N

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Phone: 31 89 28 57

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Åboulevarden 58
2200 København N

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Fitness on outter Frederiksberg

SHC Åboulevarden is located on the edge between Frederiksberg and Nørrebro, just above the HiFi club.

From the studio, you have a good view of Åboulevarden, where it is always very busy. The center is a stone’s throw from the Forum metro station, and you can easily get there by bike from Nørrebro or Frederiksberg. If you come by bike, you can park in our associated bike parking right next to the studio.

In addition to having a central location for the citizens of Frederiksberg and Nørrebro, the facilities can form the framework regardless of whether you want to train cardio, box or lift weights.

If you want a personal trainer, you can see our large selection here.

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Studio manager

Anders J.L. Meier

Anders is a personal trainer and studio manager at SHC Åboulevarden. He started as a gymnast and then slipped into fitness. In 2020, he chose to make a living out of it.

Anders’ mission as studio manager is to create a club where you become stronger and happier.

Anders is good at creating relationships and creating an atmosphere at the studio.

He loves to geek out with everything that training entails and wants a better everyday life for everyone.

SHC Åboulevarden